No. 5: mellow mood

Gianna with her surf board and mellow mood title

I am feeling incredibly mellow in post-vacation bliss...

The to-do lists and stressors that were weighing me down prior to my departure slowly faded away in the hot Mexico sun and warm, salty water.

I've returned with renewed confidence and sense of self-worth. I don't need to be constantly completing to-do lists in order to be worthy.

As a self-employed artist, I have found it really hard to take a vacation. The to-do lists are endless. There's always a fire to put out and something new to create.

I've been an artist and entrepreneur for over six years, and I never used to let myself just take a vacation without bringing work with me. Sure, I've traveled, but I never allowed myself to disconnect.

But the longer I am on this journey as an artist, I've realized I need to have fun just for fun's sake. I can't be expected to work day in and out without respite. My inspiration dries up when it is not fed.

My inspiration dries up when it is not fed.

Beyond that, sometimes I just want to be "Gianna." Not "Gianna Andrews the artist" or "Gianna Andrews the entrepreneur."

So last week I had a really epic time being just Gianna. I traveled with a friend south of the border. We surfed early mornings, laid in the hot sand, walked through the bustling streets, ate tacos and drank margaritas.

I want to acknowledge that it's a privilege to take a vacation and fly somewhere on a plane; I know not everyone has that opportunity. I merely share my experience as a reminder to myself and a suggestion to you to integrate mellowness into your daily life.

Can you allow yourself to arrive in the present moment without needing to complete a task?

Can you allow yourself to take a mental vacation, even if it's just for the afternoon after you clock out of work?

When was the last time you let yourself be just yourself? 

No to-do lists.

Just some food for thought <3



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