No. 38: 3 Ways to Improve Your Creativity

Studio Sunday by Gianna Andrews
Gianna painting in her studio


Happy Sunday to you! I hope you are relishing in the chill weekend vibes. Maybe you're reading this curled up on a couch somewhere, or maybe you're on vacation enjoying some sun. Wherever you are, I am sending you extra blissful Sunday vibes.

This week I've been using methods to boost my creative practice. Working on my business, exercising, walking the dogs, and the miscellaneous items in life can get in the way of my creative time. So, I've initiated a few habits into my schedule to help me not only improve but stick to my creative practice.

1. Get the most important task done first thing in the morning.  If you put off your most important tasks until later in the day, chances are you won't actually get to that one important thing. In my case, creating is the most important task, so I must get to creating FIRST THING in the morning!

2. Set a timer and put all devices on airplane mode. As someone who easily gets distracted, even if I only have 45 minutes to paint, setting an end time for my creative session and then dedicating my full attention to my session is SO important in order for me to get into the zone.

3. Go easy on yourself and have fun. If I am extra critical and questioning about my art, it crushes my creative practice. The whole point is to enjoy the process and have fun, so the more you approach your creativity with curiosity, the easier it is to get flowin' and create something magic!

I hope this helps in whatever creative endeavors you engage with in the weeks to come :)




This week I am thrilled to introduce our spotlight, Sarah Robbins. Sarah is a muralist and illustrator. Her work is inspired by working with organizations that have a cause and make the world a better place. Not to mention, her mural business is booming, so much so that she not only employs herself full-time but also her husband. We chat about burnout, the creative process, and more. I hope you enjoy our conversation as much as I did!

Gianna in her studio

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