No. 39: Meet Chris Giuseppini

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This past week, when I wasn't creating, I've been chatting with interesting people in the studio. Thus far, it's been such a fun adventure to connect with entrepreneurs, artists, and professionals nationwide via my Studio Sundays podcast. When I started Studio Sundays, it was just a newsletter, and it's been exciting to have it organically grow into these fascinating conversations with interesting people. I hope you've been enjoying these conversations as much as I have! Now, here's who's on this week's roster…

Meet Chris Giuseppini:

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This week I was excited to connect with professional storyteller, filmmaker and YouTuber, Chris Giuseppini. Chris got his start in filmmaking after an “aha” moment in highschool theater. He followed his path to filmmaking and now works with businesses and solopreneurs to help them grow their social media followings. He has a growing YouTube following giving intentional lifestyle advice. We even chat about my brand a bit as he gives consulting advice about the power of sticking with one thing in order to master it.

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