No. 35: Meet Laura Burkhart

Studio Sunday by Gianna Andrews

Meet Laura Burkhart:

Dedication, Burnout, & Vulnerability on Social Media

Photo: Naomi Eshleman Photography

After receiving a multitude of requests to get audio versions of these interviews, we heard you! This week I am excited to share our guest in both video (YouTube) form AND written form. For all artists, art lovers, and collectors out there, this is an interview you aren't going to want to miss.

Without further ado, meet this week's spotlight, Laura Burkhart. Laura creates beautiful works of art that I have been following for years now. She has built her career as a successful full-time fine artist specializing in landscape painting and woodworking, inspired by her home in the Pacific Northwest. Not only is she an artist, but a mother and outdoor adventurer, a lifestyle which she beautifully shares with her adoring fans on social media.

Despite society's opinion that it's impossible to “make it” as an artist, Laura defied the odds and carved her own career path. Art has been Laura's passion since she can remember and she has carried this dedication with her throughout her life. 

“My art is an extension of me, myself, and my life. It just doesn't feel authentic to me and my art to keep it so separate, curated, and strategic.”

Left Photo: Ryan Warner Photography 
Right Photo: Naomi Eshleman Photography

After a traumatic setback and a brief stint in the corporate design world, Laura officially launched into life as a self employed artist in 2018. Laura and I both launched our careers as artists around the same time on Instagram, so we reminisce on how the social media landscape has changed. We discuss how important it is to maintain a work life balance, in order to get inspiration for our art. A true artist, Laura finds hope and joy in her creative process. During our interview I was so impressed with her rawness and commitment to her craft.

I hope you enjoy our conversation as much as I did! 

Check out more of Laura's work:

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