No. 30: My wish for 2024

Studio Sunday by Gianna Andrews


Here's my wish for 2024

Gianna holding new moon painting

Wishing you an easeful transition into 2024 and an abundant and expansive year ahead. To close out the last day of the year, I wrote a little poem for my 2024 wish. Enjoy!

Here's to a year of peace

Of green earth beneath my feet

Of rain drops that sprinkle on my skin

And a salty breeze, sweet enough to drink.

Here's to a year of rest

With midday naps, warm cups of tea, and plenty of recess.

A year of abundance

Where nights of dancing fuel and fund us.

Where there's enough for you and enough for me

Because we live in a world of plenty.

Here's to a year of summits reached

Of mountain top milestones complete

Where a harvest of hard work tastes like a peach that we must enjoy and eat.

Here's to a year of planting seeds

That one day will meet our needs

So let them grow

Don't be afraid to pull out the weeds.

Intention setting for 2024

Journal it out!

  1. What are the top five areas of your life that take priority? (e.g., health, fitness, career, community, etc.)
  2. What are your intentions for those areas of your life? (e.g., fitness - run a marathon)
  3. What steps do you need to take in Q1–Q4 to get there? (*quarter one: Jan. 1–March 31, quarter two: April 1–June 30, quarter three: July 1–Sept. 30, quarter four: Oct. 1–Dec. 31)

Once you've got these written down, make a new piece of paper, or type and print them out where you can look at them daily. :)

I hope this helps you attain your dreams in 2024!

*I like to break up my year into quarters, as I find it easier to stay on track with my goals and it’s more attainable to reach smaller milestones in a few months versus a year. Maybe this works for you, maybe it works better to do monthly intentions.

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