No. 28: Life vs. Imagination

Studio Sunday by Gianna Andrews
Real life photo of a ferry on the Puget sound and  Gianna

It's been awhile since I painted some just-for-fun wood pieces in front of a crowd...

So last weekend at THING music festival while showing my art, I set up my easel in front of my booth and let my creativity flow where it wanted to go.

Usually, I plan my paintings a little more. And, typically, I paint indoors because the outdoor elements can be challenging.

Despite the 80+ degree day and sun drying my paint in seconds, the dust blowing in my face, the wind carrying my palette through the dry grass when I set it down, and zero plan, I somehow completed two wood paintings AND I had a blast while doing them.

The energy of the festival, the new and familiar faces around me, and this end of summer celebration catapulted my inspiration to paint just because it's fun.

Leading up to this festival I have been working hard on client projects, launching a new project that has not yet been released (but I can't wait to tell you more), and just overall putting a lot of pressure on myself to succeed.

But what I realized last weekend is that this type of pressure can squelch my creativity—because it blocks me from inspiration.

This is no good, if you ask me.

So it's time to make a promise to myself and to you that I will do my best to take this pressure off so that I can allow myself to be the best version of an Artist I can be.

To those of you whom I conversed with last weekend at THING, thank you for your kindness and support of my art! It was reinvigorating and inspiring. Just what I needed!

My questions to you:

  1. What areas in your life are you putting a lot of pressure on yourself?
  2. How can you relieve yourself of this pressure to actually flow in the direction you want to go?

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