No. 27: The gift of rainbows

Studio Sunday by Gianna Andrews
Rainbow over trees

Last weekend I was determined to get outside on a stormy day.

I had been working hard indoors all week and despite the lousy weather forecast, I craved fresh air. 

The sky grew darker and more formidable as I clambered into the van with Arrow, off to a nearby trailhead destination. On the way there, we drove through a patch of sun whilst it was still raining. I gasped as a beautiful rainbow arched the sky. Soon however, we were back in the thick of it, driving through heavy December drops of Olympic Peninsula rain. 

We trudged through the rain and wind on our hike, an all-immersive experience as our bodies and faces dripped with water, becoming one with the storm. Passing by a little overlook above the ocean, ANOTHER rainbow appeared out of the clouds, the far off waters glowing from the sun, peeking out from who knows where in the gloom-lit sky. I stood there watching as the sky took a breath and held its downpour for a moment, giving us a clear shot to race to the van before the next deluge. 

Perilous as the weather gods and goddesses were on this fine morning, they gifted us with five rainbow sightings that day. To me, witnessing a rainbow is evidence that nature can make its own art (not that I need proof—I believe it!). In the throes of winter, I needed this inspiration to create my own art. Returning home, soaked to the bone, with a cup of hot tea, I retreated to my studio and painted for the first time in a week. 

My question for you this week:

  1. What source do you turn to when you're in need of inspiration?

Write it down and turn to it next time you feel lost.

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