No. 25: The biggest painting I've ever done

Studio Sunday by Gianna Andrews
Gianna in front of her mural

Painting the size of life.

I just finished painting the largest wall I've ever created. It measured 23 x 15'. That's in FEET!

The painted wall is now proudly on display in a local restaurant in downtown Port Angeles, which will be opening soon, called Moby Duck Chowder and Seafood.

Originally, the client and I discussed painting a smaller mural on this large wall. But, because it's me and I like to go big or go home, I suggested; "Why don't I paint the entire wall? That would really add a "wow" factor." So suddenly there I was, setting off to paint the largest canvas of my life.

Throughout the process of painting this gigantic wall, I learned/was reminded of a few things:

  1. For every one negative thought, think of two positive thoughts.
  2. Focus on the direction you want to go.
  3. I want to paint more large walls.
  4. My forearms hurt.
  5. Scissor lifts are where it's at!
Gianna on top of the scissor lift painting the sky

This scissor lift allowed me to cover ground quickly and made the large-scale painting process possible. A ladder would not have cut it!

Gianna in front of her kelp ladies

Here's me and my kelp ladies. They are one of my favorite elements of the mural! After completing two murals in less than a month, it turns out I like painting big. No, I love it. 

Gianna painting an octopus

I also painted this octopus on the wall above the kitchen. Another first for me—I'd never painted an octopus before. And I love how it turned out! Painting his eye made me feel like he has a soul! I definitely want to paint another one. 

Thanks for reading, so fun to paint this project and share it with you!!

My questions to you this week:

  1. What are you doing that excites you? Do more of that.
  2. What are you doing that drains you? Do less of that.

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