No. 21: A fresh start

Studio Sunday by Gianna Andrews
Sunrise over the mountain

A fresh start...

I don't know about you, but I really love mornings. The crispness in the air, the singing of the birds, the softness in the sky, the smell of coffee and fresh grass. All these elements combining to ease me out of the darkness of night and into the light of day. Holding the promise of renewal, another chance at this thing called life. A fresh start. Unrealized potential swirling around.

As I sit here watching the sun come up, I have to pinch myself. I only just returned home from Europe a few days ago, and not only have I awoken in the night wondering where I am, but everything here at home feels—I don't know—different.

It's suddenly fall, the colors are popping. Everything I left behind for three weeks seems brighter, and bigger. My living room that felt small before I left feels spacious, my bed is suddenly the most comfortable in the world, my art seems more epic, my dog Arrow is the cutest pup around (okay, this hasn't changed, he always has been), my art studio feels grander, and my partner Kory is taller than I remember. How can so much change in just three weeks?

But that's the funny part, because other than this shift in seasons, the main thing that's changed is me. My perspectives. The way I relate to the world around me. It's not that Kory suddenly grew taller or my bed got more comfy, it's that I had time, space, and new experiences away from these things, and coming home I am experiencing it all differently. Just like the promise of a morning, returning from my trip feels like a fresh start to my life I've built here. And you know me, I love fresh starts.

I can't wait to see where this newfound energy takes me and my art.

But first, l realized I never shared all of the paintings I completed in my Russian Impressionism painting course, so…

I've decided to share a chronological display of the oil paintings I completed in Italy :)

Note: Some of them I like more than others. Some of them were frustrating to create. Some of them went against the grain of my established style. But regardless of all that, I think you can clearly see the progression throughout the week. It wasn't easy as a professional artist to grasp the beginners’ mindset, but around day three I let myself be taught. I know I pushed myself and I am proud that I was able to learn something new. Hope you enjoy!

~ Paintings from Italy ~

Day 1:

Painting of pasta and tomato sauce in black and white

Day 2:

Painting of pasta and tomato sauce in color

Day 3:

Painting of red car in Italy
Painting of yellow radio

Day 4:

Painting of Italian city street
Painting of an archway on a street in Italy

Day 5:

Portrait of a man
Painting of a door on the street

Day 6:

Painting of a window with curtains and a view

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