No. 18: Sweet September

Studio Sunday by Gianna Andrews
Collage of photos: Gianna and Arrow, Mirror Painting, Gianna at her marathon, photo of the beach

As I sit at my kitchen table sipping coffee in my pajamas on this fine September Sunday morning, I picture you sitting across from me…

Me: Good morning!

You: Heya 'morning! 

Me: How's your September going so far? 

You: It's going pretty good, thank you. The weather has been nice. I've done a lot of activities. How about you?

Me: It's been great. I ran a marathon, hung out with my dog, surfed, and painted a mirror. I really can't complain, but…

You: But what?

Me: I am worried about our planet. And the future. But what can I do? It's so complex and I've got bills to pay and things to get done…It's disheartening. 

You: What if it was simple?

Me: What do you mean?

You: Well, we need to slow down. We need to appreciate what we have. When we are hanging out with our friends or family, we need to be with them. When we are working on our craft, we need to focus. When we have free time, can we let our minds be free? You said it yourself, you've done a ton of fun stuff this month. Can you let September be sweet? Beyond that, can you enjoy the sweetness? 

Me: You're right. Everyone's always staring at their phones all the time talking about what horrible news headline they read…

You: We need to enjoy this time we have here on earth. Or else we will just keep taking, taking, taking. Killing the planet while never really filling the hole in our hearts. 

Me: Wow. I couldn't have said it better myself. Thank you!

You: What should we do next?

Me: Let's just chill here and sip our coffee. 

You: Right. Slowing down. I almost forgot!

Thank you, friend, for reminding me of what's important (even if I imagined it!). Next time you need me, I'll be here to remind you, too.

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