No. 16: 3 ways to recenter

If you haven't given yourself a break this summer...

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I don't know about you, but this summer was feeling more like a sprint than a marathon (even though I've been training for a marathon, not a sprint). I would sprint until I crash, sleep for 12 hours straight, and then do it all over again. That is, until I decided to take the time to mellow out.

When chatting with a friend recently, they reminded me the importance of taking time just for me. You see, with plans stacked on top of plans, I forget to do this. I forget to check in with myself, because I am busy worrying about things outside of myself. When I have friends/guests over, I try to ensure they have the best experience possible. When I visit with family, I extend myself to be the most present and helpful I can be. When I work with clients, I give 150% of myself to the project. With my athletics and outdoor sports, I'm all in.

Though all of these things bring me joy, if I don't take time to rest and center myself in between plans, I begin to feel all out of sorts. So over the past week I've been working on getting myself back into sorts.

As the busy fall approaches here in the northern hemisphere, if you haven't taken a break for yourself yet this summer, I'd highly suggest you do so before hitting the ground running in September. Maybe you don't have time for a full-on overnight getaway, and that's okay. Here are a couple simple and accessible ways to recenter yourself (that I've found helpful anyways!

3 Ways to Recenter:

  1. Set a timer on your phone for 10 minutes; clothes your eyes, watch your thoughts, and breathe. Don't open your eyes for the whole 10 minutes!
  2. Exercise! Mood follows action.
  3. Dip in cold water. See the #3 below!

Good luck :)

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