No. 4: Adventure Time

The streets and beach of Sayulita Mexico

I headed south of the border to one of my favorite towns in Mexico...

I hadn’t left the country other than Canada since prepandemic, and as I prepared for my travels my excitement and anxiety were at an all-time high. I spent the plane ride brushing up on my Spanish and looking out the window at the miles of desert spanning below.

I was due for an adventure to a different climate. A different culture. Because my art is influenced by the world around me, traveling to new places is one of the best ways I’ve found to glean new inspiration and expand creatively.

The smells here are different. The air is hot. The bird calls are unique. The roosters sure have a lot to say. Life moves at a slower pace and everyone seems to be really living to just enjoy their lives.

I can’t help but reminisce of the time I was in Mexico in 2019

Kory and I spent two months in this little surf town and then in Baja. Since then the world has changed so much, but being back in this familiar town it feels like life has been going on living just the same.

As I approach my 29th year of life in just a few short weeks, it’s been a valuable time to reflect: How have I changed? What pieces of me have remained?

Wherever you’re at in your journey right now, maybe it’s time to consider the same.



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