Vintage Daisy Window Original Painting

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No matter what is happening in the outside world, Daisy Window reminds us that we experience life depending on how we approach it.

Whether we choose to see a lovely abundance of flowers blooming through the panes, or a few specs of dust and a bit of cracking paint on the window, is all contingent about how we show up to the window in the first place. What do you see when you look through your own window?

This Vintage Daisy Window was created on a salvaged single pane window. It would look absolutely stunning in a retail space, outside in the garden, at a farm stand, or as wall decor!

Please note that you cannot see the flowers on both sides of the window due to acrylic paint layers. The reverse side of the window (the side not including the painting) is painted flat white behind the flowers to maintain visual integrity for the flower painting and block light from filtering through.

Dimensions: 34" x 1.5" x 24"

This window is not intended to be installed as a working window, nor is this window in perfect condition. This artwork was created on salvaged material. As a work of art, exposure to outdoor elements should be minimized to maintain longevity.

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