"So You Wanna Be an Artist?" Signed Edition

"So You Wanna Be an Artist?" Signed Edition

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When you’re lying on your deathbed, would you rather say “I am so glad I tried” or “I wish I had another chance”?

You likely want to be an Artist . . . but you’re stuck between a rock and a hard place. The rock: you don't know how to become what you want to be. The hard place: you’re spending all your time doing what you don’t want to do.

You’re not alone.

Eight years ago, Gianna was stuck between that very same rock and hard place, struggling to transform her hobby into a career. She didn’t know where to start, but she had a passion and a vision just like you.

Fast-forward to the present—Gianna is living her dream life as a Professional Artist.

Now, Gianna is on a mission: to share her art and story with the world, in hopes to inspire others to realize their dreams, even when they seem out of reach. So, she’s distilled her experiences into this step-by-step blueprint—just for you. 

So You Wanna Be an Artist? will take you on a journey from searching for answers to living life as a Professional Artist. 

Are you ready to start listening to your soul calling and embark on this journey?

Then, the time has come to read this book!