Chat With Me

Chat With Me

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I love answering your questions about art projects, self-employment, freelance, lifestyle, and even coping with injury/hardship. I get a lot of questions via email and DM. Unfortunately, I no longer have time to respond to every single question... but I don't like seeing them go unanswered, I want to help!

That's why I created "Chat With Me." If you have a burning question that you would like to ask me, let's hop on the phone for a call. My time is yours. I will give you all and any advice to the best of my ability.

Select the 15 minute or 45 minute phone call option and follow checkout instructions. Once you receive a purchase confirmation email, respond to the email with the subject line "Schedule a Chat." I will respond within 24 hours with my available time slots. CHAT SOON!


Please note that I am not a registered coach, nor do I have any formal training in advice giving or life guidance. I just love helping others, so I will do my best to share my knowledge with you!