What's Outside Your Window?

What's Outside Your Window?

Hi Friends, 

You might already know this from following my work, but I thrive on painting unqiue canvases. My inspiration dries up like the desert when I paint the same canvas over and over.


So, last weekend I gave into my creative muse. An old vintage window that I picked up from a barn salvage sale awhile back suddenly began calling my name. 


After getting excited about my new mission, I began with the first task... to clean this dirty window that had been collecting dirt, cobwebs, and moss for who knows how long. The window was literally so dirty I could barely see through the glass (I am now kicking myself for not taking a before photo)!



After hours of scrubbing, the window was finally clean enough to paint. Then came the second daunting task... deciding what to paint. 


Conceptualizing is often the most difficult part of my work, because this process requires the cooperation of my mind and soul working harmoniously together. They often do not


This particular afternoon, my mind shouted, "What if I mess the window up? Then all of this time will be wasted! Why even try?" 


(Luckily, after years of practicing art, I've learned how to work with this doubt. I can't let it win, or I'd never paint anything.)


So I threw my mental hands up in the air and said to myself, "Let's just take it easy, take the pressure off, and paint some damn daisies. It doesn't need to be perfect."


And finally, my mind relaxed, "Okay, let's just paint a few damn daisies, then. No crazy surprises, though."


And with that, I began painting. 



And there you have it. This mental process is pretty textbook to how I begin every piece of art that I create.


Once I pass over the conceptualizing threshold, the rest of the painting usually flows pretty easily, though sometimes there are a few road bumps along the way.




No painting that I create is ever perfect. I usually mess some piece of it up. But painting time is NEVER time wasted, even if no one else on the planet likes what I created. There is growth in every mistake. The evolution of self lies in the process, not the final product. We can't take home the trophy without doing the work.


So, next time you begin a creative endeavor, try showing up reminding yourself that whatever you create doesn't ever have to be perfect. All you need is the will power to pass through self doubt to the other side. Open up your mind. This is where we really begin to evolve. 



Sending you soooo much love and strength. 





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