We can rely on nature and we can count on change.

We can rely on nature and we can count on change.

Gianna Andrews Art

If you've been following my artwork for awhile, then you may have noticed how I carry phases of subject matter, colors, and even emotion throughout different bodies of work. In the past year I've painted many retro stripe inspired pieces. I've obsessively recreated my whimsical Douglas Fir trees. I've even dabbled in painting portraits with grey skin (a weird phase, I know).


These phases usually begin when I discover a new way of painting something, and then obsessively explore that theme over and over until it's completely rung out of my system, or I hear the call that it's time to move on.


If you've seen my most recent work, then you'll know I am in a full on Moon Phase right now (pun intended). For the past six weeks, literally all that I have been called to paint is the moon. This moon exploration dives deeper than my fascination with painting little crater specs onto this magical orb in rotation.


Instead, this work has been a container for exploring how the moon shows up as my teacher. How it graces the sky in a slightly different form from the night previous. An iconic reminder that change is the only reliable constant in this universe. It reminds me of the natural rhythms that are constantly cycling all around. These rhythms that will continue to occur whether I am present for them or not. How blessed am I to be a tiny spec of star dust with the opportunity to witness the moon, every single night?!




There is no telling how long my moon phase will hang around... 


My latest "Flower Moon" painting might be the last moon piece for a moment, as I push forward into the unknown night of my own creative experience. However, I can say that this flower phase might be coming up again very soon :) 


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