Inhala, Exhala.

Inhala, Exhala.

Hello friends,


With worldwide protests against police brutality and racism, a global pandemic, and a full moon lunar eclipse, intense emotion and deep rooted grief have been swirling all around each and every one of us this week. 


The other day I was feeling so overwhelmed and stressed that I took off on a bike ride. Part way into the ride, a tiny yellow song bird flew up right next to me and proceeded to glide along by my side for a few moments before fluttering away. 


This caught me by such surprise that I let out a gasp. And just for a moment, I was reminded to connect with my inner joy. I was able to be present with my inhale and exhale, even in the midst of feeling my grief. So, for the rest of the ride, I focused on breathing in and out while repeating in my mind a simple mantra, "Inhala, Exhala." 


This breathing practice is something I like to regularly fall back on. Whether I am working on a difficult painting, dealing with personal grief, or tackling the issues of our world, breathing reminds me that no matter what is going on externally, I can still nourish my internal self with a simple breath. 



Now, I would like to invite you to take a deep breath with me. Ready?


Inhale. Now, Exhale.


Take a pause before inhaling again.

Repeat as many times as you need.


I believe it is vital to take moment to drop back into our center during these times. Taking a moment to touch in with the self is NOT selfish. It is also NOT a means of avoiding reality. It is a practice to help us become more grounded, so that we may be more able to show up in the world and stand up for what we believe in.




The racial injustice and inequality that has been exposed in recent events is inexcusable and certainly requires immediate attention and action. My very small and very humble business, Gianna Andrews Art, stands with minority communities and the Black Lives Matter movement in the fight for Freedom, Equality, and Justice for all bodies on this earth.


I am a believer that talk is cheap. So in order to take measurable action in my solidarity with Black Lives Matter, for the next month I will be donating 10% of all online sales to Northwest Community Bail Fund and Black Visions Collective.  



Though I was planning to release this new piece on my social media channels this weekend, my plans have changed. There is more important action that needs attention in those spaces right now. 


So, I've decided to share this piece with only my exclusive list of subscribers... That's you! 


To me, this piece represents the safe haven where I travel to in my mind when times get tough. A fairy-tale land where there is enough for everyone... Plenty of fresh air for deep breaths, clean water for drinking, and a fire to warm our souls. 


"Moment of Peace" is the space I envision in my mind where my soul is fully nourished and cared for. 



Sending so much gratitude, strength and love to you. 



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